Thinking Cities seeks to refocus our understanding of a city through the lens of those who truly define it: its own citizens.

In an age when we hear much about the ‘smart city’, Thinking Cities sings loudly from the rooftops that the citizen is the most precious,  sophisticated and ‘smart sensor’ that any city will ever have.

Today more than ever it is cities rather than nations that will lead the way forward if humanity is to successfully make peace with itself and the planet.

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About Thinking Cities

You are one of the very first visitors to the Thinking Cities website which will develop during 2017 and beyond as a space for those of you thinking about cities in all its dimensions - from governance to innovation - in order to gather together and initiate conversations.

Think of it as a shared space for inspiring collective intelligence and imagination. We invite citizens from diverse fields and geographies to come together to propose innovations, address challenges and follow up on inspired ideas.

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David Solomon

+34 677 16 3000
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Who is David Solomon?

For nearly a decade David has been applying lessons learned from a quarter of a century of diplomacy and peacemaking to working with cities globally in order to identify synergies and generate social, sustainable tech and governance innovations that seek to improve life quality for all citizens.

He initiates and facilitates coherent conversations within cities, strategies, people networks and logistical foundations for city branding, internationalisation and city-to-city diplomacy. Most recently designing and facilitating a seminar for Latin American Mayors, business leaders and opinion formers in Cologne for a German foundation newly focussed on the emergence of the smart cities phenomenon.

David has raised international finance for, and currently coordinates an international IOT research, development and innovation project between smart-city start-ups in Seoul and Tel Aviv.

City-2-City Diplomacy: David is currently identifying exciting new opportunities emerging for international diplomatic projects to operate at city rather than national level impacting upon all spheres of urban life: cultural, artistic, economic, educational & technological.

When not 'city-ing' he produces and directs documentary film including currently a film on the smart cities phenomenon.

We Are Barcelona is the most recent project of Thinking Cities and we warmly invite you to participate and get in touch with us by subscribing here for updates as this exciting new project evolves - we hope with your involvement!

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